Wednesday, February 24, 2010


A while back, I displayed some art I titled "Portals."  Portals, doorways, entryways I find fascinating. Whenever I wandered around New York City, the doorways are what I found most interesting. While wandering around India,  portals were wonderful. The Great gateway to India through which British troops marched out in 1947 for the last time, while the Indian national flag was raised is a piece of history. In Sanchi, the great stupa where the Buddha is entombed is simply remarkable. I display below a few of these "portal eclectica".
A Manhattan doorway:

A museum entry in Santa Fe:

Marble screen, Red Fort, New Delhi:

The great stupa at Sanchi:

The Gateway to India, Mumbai:

Old Courthouse, Concord, NC:

Entry gates to plantation in Charleston:

Shopper's Portal, Manhattan: