Friday, February 17, 2012

Some day April will appear on the calendar, and we will forget all about this weird pseudo-winter. And April will bring another Art Walk and maybe even another Art show in downtown Concord. In preparation, I am readying my next collection, this one featuring Critters. Maybe we'll title it, "Critters, Critters, Everywhere and Not a One to Eat". Or maybe just, "Critters I have known."
The series will include pictures from several classes of critters.
First, the little guys, dragons, and butterflies:

Then there are our always hungry, always clever friends, the squirrels, shown here waiting at a squirrel cafeteria devised by our son-in-law Dennis Long.

 Our pond provides many opportunities to observe our watery friends, the koi's in our very own koi pond. Shown here, two views of Sally, our 24-inch girl, who dominates the pond life.

Finally, what critter show would be complete without some of our fine feathered friends, We begin with Tom, a portrait of a very handsome dude, followed by a watchful critter from Nova Scotia, and last but not least, our favorite feathered critter, the blue heron in flight.