Sunday, February 21, 2016

April Art Walk

So, another Art Walk will soon arrive, April 8th I believe. Although I have been busy for a while converting some old photos to canvas for hanging in the upcoming Cabarrus Brewing Co's new brewery at the Depot downtown, I have now arrived at a definition of my works for the Art Walk.. After finishing the Cabarrus Brewery pieces, I waved my Adobe magic wand in front of the screen and the wand created some possible new works.  Isn't the Adobe magic wand wonderful? I don't have to do anything--Adobe does all the work, and I get to claim it. What a con. At any rate, here are the works I have decided to present in the April Art Walk. Most are on the abstract side of Mother Nature.

And finally, there is my version of Starry Night, a bit of abstract City Life.