Wednesday, April 25, 2018

June Art

I am posting these pictures as my selection for a June Art event, although at this point, I have no idea what such an event might be. Ordinarily, the June event would be an Art Walk, and I would be displaying at the old bank building across from the Old Courthouse galleries. But the Piedmont Renaissance Center seems unavailable these days and the Arts Council has no useful venue for we pseudo-artists, other than setting up shop outside the Courthouse on their lawn, an idea I reject out of hand.  So, this "June Art Event" may be a fiction of my imagination. And it may well be the case that I no longer have a useful art venue for displaying my pseudo-art.  I was rejected by the great Jenny Tomlin at the Art Guild for a membership there, cuz my art didn't cut it by Jenny standards.  Just not good enough, I guess.  But we knew that, didn't we?
So, this venue may be my last best hope for a display space.
So . . . here they are folks. My June Art display. Enjoy it here, cuz this may be my last best hope. As you will see, it is an eclectic bunch. The first three are selections from ny New York City collection, two near the Jackie O Lake, and one well just because I like Brooklyn.  The last bunch are all sun themes, one from Greece, the others more local in origin. And the three I just added are pieces I created based on some pics I crafted from Boston, Bethesda and Concord.
So, enjoy, I hope.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

April Art

For the CBC April art show, I plan to return to my favorite abstract creatures. I like them, even if no one else does. So, who knows, it all depends on mood and what the magic wand feels like creating. It is looking like these guys are the winners.

Given that the Arts Council could not arrange, or chose not to arrange for indoor display space, I had to pass on the Arts Council February Art Walk. Therefore, I will be showing these, plus a few more nature pictures, at the CBC Arts and Crafts show.

I have just decided to add a few more pictures for the CBC Arts Festival in April, and they are displayed below. They are still vaguely abstract.

May Art

In reviewing my artsy stuff, I came back to some of my infrared art. Here is a collection I might offer in the May Art Walk, assuming I can get off my ass and print them.
They were all originally infrared images taken during the 1970s. I then waved my Photoshop magic wand at them to create the images you see. Most were images from the C&O Canal in the DC area. A few were taken while wandering in Maine. I especially love the IR bear, I titled "jailed".

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Art Walk Sometime

Who knows, I may yet display at another art walk, despite not being a real artist . . . they only like real artists at the art walk, don't you know.  But should I decide to fake it yet again ( Cabarrus Art Guild beware) I might show off the following pieces of my pseudoart.  Most are summery pictures I created fairly recently, except for the last picture, also recently created, which portrays a slice of cold weather. It's called "Frosty".

Thursday, August 24, 2017


Obviously, I could not allow the eclipse just slip past me without some commentary. Our neighbors Blaire and Jill were so kind to share their glasses with us, so we could actually view the eclipse. I also, decided to photograph the eclipse "through a glass darkly", or by viewing it in our pond.  Then, of course, there were those amazing shadows. They were a special treat. So behold.