Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Art Walk's Coming

I just finished creating a group of pictures that may appear in an Art Walk, or not, depending on how well I can figure out a little sizing problem. All pictures below were created with the notion that I would use a gallery wrap approach to the framing. I ordered the materials to complete the gallery wraps, printed the pictures and then discovered to my dismay, that I had printed them all using 16-inch wide canvas. See the gallery wrap materials assume a 17-inch wide canvas, so those materials will not work. So, now, I have these images, but still need to decide what to do about framing, stretching, or, more expensively, reprinting. But that's a future decision. Right now, I have these images.
The first is called, an Artful Buddha.

The next is a view of "The Guardians" a statue located in Brasilia, and photographed some 40 years ago.

Next up is a view of the Grand Canyon, or rather a tree at the edge of the Big Ditch.

Greece is the centerpiece of the next image, or more precisely a little village in a Greek isle.

From Greece to San Francisco, our fair city. Herb Caen, who used to write for the San Francisco Chronicle, referred to San Francisco as "Baghdad by the Bay", but that was 50 years ago, when something magical was attached to the notion of Baghdad, instead of people exploding themselves in marketplaces. But here's one view of that old Baghdad by the Bay.

Another of that fabled city's attractions is the bridge at the Golden Gate.

Strolling around the old town of Salem, North Carolina, is a charming experience. While so strolling, I came across a nice touch of light, shadow and texture in this next picture.

And finally, what could be nicer than a morning stroll along the shore?