Tuesday, May 5, 2015

August Art Walk

The Next Art Walk
I prepared a set of pictures for the August Art Walk. Here is the current set, a mix of abstracts and other formats.
First a couple from the Big Apple--or why people look up in New York.

Then, an abstract titled, The Creature, based on an actual tree.

Next, our crow, currently bedeviling all the other birdies in our garden.

A sunrise, sent to us by our daughter, but slightly altered by me.

Then one, I am calling Pond Art--or reflections on pond art.

Our pond, a perspective

The Big Ditch

Lastly, one from my Southwest collection--a tree near the Big Ditch.

One of my favorite abstract floral works.

And a shadows work, based on a picture i took in Boston.

And thaaaat's all folks ,. . .