Monday, August 22, 2016

November: Possibility Two for an Art Walk

Now, moving from the "pretty" pictures below listed as September Artsy pictures, or possibility one for a future Art Walk, I shift gears into a mode akin to my Indian Art pictures that I displayed during the August Art Walk.  In that Art Walk, I did not really expect to sell any of the pictures, mainly because I live in Concord and, however interesting visiting folks might have been --and many were interested--it seemed unlikely that anyone would wish to have a piece of art from India 50 years ago hanging in their current Concord village home. Instead, I used the pictures to provide a guided tour through the recent past of one person's  four-year visit to an ancient and culturally fascinating land. Indeed, I found many village folk very interested in both viewing and listening to my explanations. It was an enjoyable evening, even if not a financially successful evening.
So, in that same vein, a second possibility for another Art Walk, different in kind from the one illustrated below, would be another tour. I am thinking maybe, "Where might you go on vacation next year?", a sort of artsy travelogue. And I could create and display some or all of the following.
New York City


More New York

Bali Hai, aka Kauai




Washington, DC




Hong Kong

More Brasilia

Kamakura & the Daibutsu

The Kremlin


The Rhine River

the Golden Gate

Possibility One for an Art Walk

Possibility One for an Art Walk
 I am considering several possible options for an Art Walk.  Possibility One would be conventional "pretty" images I created, with no particular theme. The pictures below I could imagine at any of the art walk venues.