Wednesday, December 21, 2016

New Artsy Thingies

There will some day be another Art Walk . . . February it could be.  So, maybe I might show these little guys in various formats, some canvas, some archival paper. We will see. . .

Thursday, October 13, 2016

November 18th Art Walk

So, final decisions for the next Art Walk, coming up on November 18th. I had too many possibilities, but have selected a few for the Art Walk.  They all fall within the "Nature" genre, some more fanciful than others, as is my wont. So, here they are. Oh, and half of them are on canvas and half on archival paper with frames and glass and all that sort of thing.
Two more added on canvas just today. They are shown immediately below, an abstract called Misty, and a semi-abstract called Blue.

Monday, August 22, 2016

November: Possibility Two for an Art Walk

Now, moving from the "pretty" pictures below listed as September Artsy pictures, or possibility one for a future Art Walk, I shift gears into a mode akin to my Indian Art pictures that I displayed during the August Art Walk.  In that Art Walk, I did not really expect to sell any of the pictures, mainly because I live in Concord and, however interesting visiting folks might have been --and many were interested--it seemed unlikely that anyone would wish to have a piece of art from India 50 years ago hanging in their current Concord village home. Instead, I used the pictures to provide a guided tour through the recent past of one person's  four-year visit to an ancient and culturally fascinating land. Indeed, I found many village folk very interested in both viewing and listening to my explanations. It was an enjoyable evening, even if not a financially successful evening.
So, in that same vein, a second possibility for another Art Walk, different in kind from the one illustrated below, would be another tour. I am thinking maybe, "Where might you go on vacation next year?", a sort of artsy travelogue. And I could create and display some or all of the following.
New York City


More New York

Bali Hai, aka Kauai




Washington, DC




Hong Kong

More Brasilia

Kamakura & the Daibutsu

The Kremlin


The Rhine River

the Golden Gate

Possibility One for an Art Walk

Possibility One for an Art Walk
 I am considering several possible options for an Art Walk.  Possibility One would be conventional "pretty" images I created, with no particular theme. The pictures below I could imagine at any of the art walk venues.