Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fall Art Walk

Vertical and Horizontal Perspectives. That's how I'm billing my next Art Walk Show. I now have ready to go 8 pieces, four vertical shown below in an earlier posting (although I've eliminated a few) and four horizontal shown immediately below--scenes from the city.

The first is the Jackie O Lake in Manhattan's upper west side. It used to be a reservoir, now is a recreational park, quite beautiful, with classic Manhattan skyline effects, especially in the evening.
The pictures are all in the vicinity of 16 x 40 inches.

The second is a personal favorite of mine--a view from a 34th Street hotel in Manhattan. Manhattan at night. Hard to get enough of those views.

The next is a scene of Lady Liberty, that statue that has Governor Perry's britches all in a snit. But hell, he's a Texas Governor. What do they know about art or liberty?

The last piece is a sweet view from across the water of a village in Nova Scotia. It seems almost unreal, but real it is, and even lovelier in person.