Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring has arrived

We experienced a horrific storm front Sunday night, with lightning strikes practically on top of us, rain arriving in sheets, hail, and wind. It was sturm und drang for about two hours, then it settled down into a quiet roar and heavy rain. Eventually, it left behind two inches.  But throughout the storm, I had two thoughts. One: would our basement flood; and Two: would our tender young daffies, tulips, and newly sprouted weeping cherries survive this onslaught?
Early in the morning, I arose, crept downstairs and, delight of delights, the basement was dry and the cats were whining for sustenance.
As soon as it was light, I went outside, and what to my wondering eyes did appear but . . . lively flowers intact all over the garden, including especially, those delicate weeping cherries.
So here below, is my record of our delicate flowering trees and an oak not yet ready to yield to spring.

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