Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Summer In Full Swing

Sitting in our gazebo on Sunday morning, our little skink, Jonathan, appeared inside the gazebo, looking for his morning repast. He posed, of course. Jonathan is nothing if not vain.

Then, when I adjusted my gaze outside to observe our rhodies, they seemed to just dazzle the world with their brilliant color. Just as I was looking hard at our little garden retreat, I remembered the NY Times project, "Lens: One Moment in Time". The Times has invited people all over the world to take one picture at 11:00 AM eastern time (adjusted for wherever you are around the globe) and send it to them. There's no prize, just the pleasure of participating in a global photography event. So, I snapped my picture--our retreat, where we sit for a few moments each morning and each evening, to just look at nature, our flowers, out koi's, our hummers, butterflies, dragonflies, whatever crosses our line of sight.  It's our daily pause button, where we don't need telephones, radios, or TVs. Just our little nature retreat.

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