Monday, December 26, 2011

The World is Not Black and White

Following on my last Art Walk show, titled a Black and White Perspective, I will be presenting a new collection in February, titled, The World is Not Black and White (double entendre accepted). Mostly there will be autumnal pieces, with a few springtime pieces, and a few autumnal abstracts.
The first piece is titled a Zen Garden, with our very own garden illustrated. It is a peaceful setting in which we contemplate the beauty of nature most mornings and evenings, a splendid way to begin and end each day.

The next piece is titled the road to Fall:

The next piece is an abtract of Fall colors, based on an actual Fall scene:

The next piece is a springtime showing of that famous street in our favorite city, San Francisco, Lombard Street:

Next is another autumnal abstract, under that name:

A final piece displayed here (there are more for the actual showing) is titled, simply, Fallish.

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