Friday, June 27, 2014

September Art

September Art
So, June art has come and gone. The Art Walk was a bit disappointing, given that there were only four artists displaying at our usual place in the old bank building. Reality may have finally set in, and that may represent the last of the old generation of Art Walks in Concord. In the new model, the Art walks may well be a stroll from one permanent art gallery to another, with no space for itinerant artisans who do not display at regular, permanent galleries. That used to be my main source of entertainment at the old generation Art Walks--seeing the 20-30 artists who displayed a wonderful range of artistic disciplines. I guess they have all become "professional artists" with permanent display space.  This is good and bad, I guess. The good part is that Concord now has professional art galleries within the downtown area. That helps to make Concord a "destination of choice" for lovers of art (and fine food-see Gianni's and The Chocolatiere).  The bad part is that artisans, like me--casual artists who have no pretensions to being professional artists--may no longer have display space. Ah well, everything eventually comes to an end.
But should it not end right now, and should there be another display opportunity, here are some potential pieces. I am calling this Nature,  Great and Small . . . so here goes . . .

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