Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wet & Dry

Wet & Dry

Ok, so the June Art Walk is coming soon to a Concord near you. So, if you missed the last one (naughty you) then you really must come to this one, to cheer on your friendly neighborhood artists and pseudo-artists, you know, folks like me.
I figure June is sort of summer, so a twin theme might be good--one to remind us of the heat that summer brings, and one that reminds us of its watery content, ergo, Wet & Dry. So, here goes.
First, the Dry part. Some lovely pictures from the West.

Next is some watery scenes . . . real summer

So, thaaat's all folks . . .oh, except for one little thing, I neglected to mention. I cannot attend the June Art Walk, as we will be in DC attending the wedding of a very close friend.  So, maybe August or September??? Remember, though, it's your job to attend the June Art Walk, so you can tell me all about it. TaTa

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