Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Spring Art Walk

Ok, so maybe old man winter has given up and Spring is actually coming. Now, every time I say that, the old fart comes roaring back dropping his little white stuff all over the landscape. Still, he has to go away at some point.  So, now we can start thinking of Springy things, and what could be more Springy than an Art Walk? So, we have another one coming up, this time it's April 4th at the usual 6-9 PM. I will be displaying in the usual place, the old Bank Building across the street from the Old Courthouse (where the real art is displayed).  So come one come all to see my latest pseudo-art displays. Here's what will be appearing, some on canvas, some behind frames.

I like the idea of repurposing old things (like me). I have been buying some frames and old framed pictures at CVAN's store and then reusing the frames for my own pseudoart.  I bought two rather large frames--25 x 35 size, with picture openings of 18 x 25. That's a bit larger than my usual. So, I crafted a couple of my pictures to fit and will include the new framed pictures in the April Art Walk. I'm getting rather too many pictures, but what the hell . . . Here are the two new ones. They look quite handsome in their new frames, but you will have to come to the Art Walk to see them.




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