Monday, February 3, 2014


No, no, it's not yet Spring and the Spring Art Walk is not just around the corner. Everything in good time. But it's coming, soon, to a neighborhood near you . . . well maybe not if your neighborhood is in Minnesota or even Punxhetawney, Pennsylvania where that wuss Phil lives.  But maybe in Concord. I know, maybe if we all clap for the Tinker Bell Spring Fairy, she will emerge into a Spring Wonderland, and banish that cranky old man Winter back to the Twin Cities where he resides most of the time. In the meantime, looking desperately for a sign or two of Spring, I caught the guys hanging out in the pond, probably thanking us for removing the net. They are all present and accounted, thank you.

And then, I went looking for other signs. No bulbs yet, although rumors of them are floating about.  But Harry Lauder is showing signs of life.

And then we observed our Amaryllis bulb had sprouted and we showed it off last evening at dinner.  Surely that is a sign of Spring, no??

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